It is a graphical fast algorithm development tool platform. Through the "modulation composition modularization", "development process graphics", "design aided intelligence", the development of visual algorithms becomes...


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  • AgileVision Algorithm Authorization

    The AGILE VISION rapid algorithm development tool platform is free to users, and users can create algorithm projects on the platform after registration.

  • AVM Size Measuring Instrument

    In traditional automated production size measurement, the typical method is to use tools or equipment such as calipers, micrometers, secondary elements, coordinate measuring instruments, etc.

  • Defect Detection

    Product surface defect detection is an important application branch of machine vision inspection. It has high efficiency, stable and reliable test results, and human operation

  • Basic Function Application

    In order to give our partners more competitive price support, we will create special software for some of the basic functions, and the user can adjust it easily


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Shanghai SEEN-TEK Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the research of image and video algorithm. We take the research and development application of machine vision and artificial intelligence technology as our core business.The results of independent research and development of image algorithms are widely used in intelligence. Transportation, intelligent security, industrial automation and other fields.
In 2017, we officially launched the “Agile Vision” series of computer vision image algorithm rapid development tool platform. Through innovative development mode, we provided a logic diagram connection method for image algorithm development tools for the majority of algorithm application customers, which greatly reduced the number of products. The difficulty of developing and utilizing image algorithms.